Experimental composite tank manufactured

January 15, 2016

IVIM company, a partner of Lin Industrial specialized in manufacturing of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer and fiberglass parts, made an experimental carbon composite tank.

Carbon tank specifications:

  • Mass — 1.37 kg;
  • Length — 400 mm;
  • Diameter — 115 mm;
  • Volume — 2.3 l;
  • Wall thickness — 1.4 mm.

The tank was manufactured on a specialized filament-winding machine. The tank inner surface (liner) is polyethylene. The liner will soon be tested for inertness to hydrogen peroxide. The point is that polyethylene, like almost any substance, decomposes the peroxide. The smoother and cleaner its surface, the slower peroxide decomposition is, to the extent that within days peroxide decomposition into water and oxygen is negligible, so the pressure in the tank almost doesn't grow, and the team can store the filled rocket (for example, to wait out bad weather).

Later the tank will be tested for strength. Operating pressure inside the tank is 25 atmospheres.