3D printing with fiber reinforced composite materials


Production and metalworking


Development and deployment of integrated software solutions for engineering and production management automation

Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University

Simulators and immersive VR systems (Laboratory of Math Support for Dynamic Simulation Systems of Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov MSU)

GraphitEl - Moscow Electrode Plant

Synthetic graphite products

Institute for Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMBP)

Leading organization in Russia for fundamental research in bioastronautics and space medicine; biomedical support of manned spaceflight; development of methods and means of safety and life support, provision of healthcare and support of human performance in extreme conditions


Manufacture of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer and fiberglass structures


Hydrogen peroxide production


Metal parts production

Moscow Aviation Institute

Development and testing of liquid-propellant rocket engines (Department 202 "Rocket Engines" of Moscow Aviation Institute)

Nauchnye issledovaniya kosmicheskoy arhitektury (Scientific Research in Space Architecture)

Development of pulp-type monopropellants

Quazar Space

Nanosatellites for validation of hardware in conditions of cosmic radiation of real space environment

Russian Interplanetary Society

Popularization of spaceflight, promotion of ideas and technologies of human spaceflight beyond low Earth orbit


Innovative satellite-based space systems