The primary project of our company is the Taymyr family of modular microsat launch vehicles with payloads between 10 kg and 180 kg to LEO.

Worldwide demand for launching small satellites is growing, and now they have to be launched by traditional launch vehicles, as a secondary payload together with a larger primary satellite. Launch deadlines and orbit are chosen for the needs of primary customer, being undesirable for many customers.

The Taymyr launch vehicle will make the space affordable for everyone – it will launch into orbit nanosats and microsats at the price of an SUV ($60,000/kg). Lead time before launch is up to 3 months. Payload is up to 180 kg to any LEO (and up to 100 kg to sun-synchronous orbits).

Our advantages:

  • The family of modular launch vehicles spans payload range from nanosats to microsats.
  • Environmentally safe non-cryogenic propellants (high-test peroxide and kerosene) — low operation costs.
  • Simple and cheap pressure-fed propellant supply instead of turbopumps.
  • Innovative flight control system based on MEMS gyroscopes that provide the required orbit insertion accuracy, while being much cheaper.

The launch vehicle is initially designed so as to minimize the costs of launching payloads into orbit, rather than to achieve technical perfection, as it is common in state-owned enterprises. The result is affordable launches for nanosats and microsats with short lead time.

Other projects: