Collectible Medal

Collectible Medal

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At Lin Industrial we really want to reach the space and will do our best for this.

A pleasant discovery we made over one and a half years of existence of the company is that many people want to support us, including financially. And not only investors come, wishing to exchange their investments for a stake in the company and share in its future profits, but also ordinary people who are interested in space, Russian spaceflight and the fate of private space companies in Russia. People just want to give us money.

It's nice.

Until today we could only say "Thank you" to them. But now every sponsor, who paid at least 10,000 rubles to Lin Industrial, will be awarded a commemorative medal and certificate.

These are limited edition medals (50 pcs) - ten years later they can be profitably sold to collectors. Otherwise, you can keep it as a souvenir, because the box of blue velvet is so elegant and this hefty metal matte medal with a diameter of 70 mm is pleasant to hold in hand. The certificate with the seal and signatures of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer will remind to your friends for a long time who was standing in the forefront of support for private spaceflight in Russia.

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