To orbit with KOMPAS-3D

August 28, 2015

Russian company ASCON became a partner of Lin Industrial – a Russian startup developing microsat launch vehicles, a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center and the only private developer of space launch vehicles in Russia.

In the context of this cooperation ASCON provided Lin Industrial with KOMPAS-3D modeling software, that will allow the Russian engineers to design the Taymyr family of microsat launch vehicles, and LOTSMAN:KB software for the management of design and documentation archive.

The idea of a private Russian launch vehicle inspired researchers, designers, industrials, software developers and brought them together. “KOMPAS-3D is not just the right tool for launch vehicle design. It is adapted for the realities of the Russian aerospace industry, surpassing in many aspects its foreign counterparts,” – says Alexander Ilin, CTO of Lin Industrial.

LOTSMAN:KB belongs to the class of PDM-systems and is intended for quick formatting of the design documentation archive and maintaining it up to date. Unlike all other solutions on the market, LOTSMAN:KB solves only the problems of design departments, allows to take into account the peculiarities of internal business processes and working methods, and to significantly reduce time-to-market.

ASCON is a major Russian engineering software maker and design and industrial automation systems integrator. The company was founded in 1989. ASCON solutions are used by more than 5500 companies across different industries in Russia and abroad.