Solid motor for supersonic rocket tested

January 26, 2016

Lin Industrial continues building a rocket to test the CS at supersonic speeds (currently it is flight tested at subsonic). In late December a successful flight was made by SVZ-1 rocket, which is to be the base for building a supersonic rocket, while on January 6, 2016 Lin Industrial tested a new solid motor.

MDT solid motor with thrust of about 8 kgf (~80 N) burned at the static testbed for about 19 seconds.

Here is the thrust of the motor for the first 10 seconds (the remaining data were not recorded due to the failure of electronics):

MDT solid motor specifications:

Propellant mass (ammonium perchlorate-based) — 941 g

Mass of the casing with thermal insulation — 2068 g

Outside diameter — 90 mm

Length — 260 mm

Nozzle throat — 8 mm

Maximum thrust — 84.9 N

Burn time — 19 s

Currently the motor is being finalized — the casing is getting lighter (potentially it can get lighter by 500 g) and the propellant is being modified. Ultimately we expect to achieve burn time of 7-10 s and average thrust of 20-25 kgf (200-250 N).

We will publish detailed specifications once the motor gets the required performance. Meanwhile we offer you a video of the test: